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The Black Business School
Dr Boyce Watkins
This program covers a multitude of topics, including: 1) The biggest mistakes young people make when it comes to their economic future 2) Why many of your parents struggle with their finances and how you can avoid it 3) What every person needs to understand about money 4) How to dig yourself out of a financial hole 5) Understanding your own relationship with money 6) How the economic system works and where the most money is located 7) How to do well financially without ever having a job 8) Innovative ways to make money in the 21st century 9) How to guarantee that you’ll be a millionaire 10) How to build economically-powerful relationships The course covers every aspect of life and links it to economic success. This is a must-have guide for any young person to learn what is necessary to find their way to the top of the economic food chain in America.

Black Business School

1&1 Web Hosting

Next Level Hosting

  • Anytime scalability
  • Now with HTTP/2 and PHP 7.1
  • SSL certificate, DDoS protection and geo-redundancy included

1&1 Web Hosting


Blue Host also has some very good deals on Web Hosting.  Click below to get the special introductory pricing. has been a great resource for me throughout the years when it comes to career guidance.  The Effective Manager book is the culmination of all of their career and management podcasts they’ve been providing for over a decade now.  If you’re serious about advancing your career I would definitely recommend this book.


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